Adventure Weddings take your wedding from great to absolutely amazing

Adventure Weddings by Destination Weddings Victoria… for couples who value experiences and memories more than tradition. You have big dreams, love adventure, culture, travel and new experiences yet cringe at the idea of posed group wedding shots. You want an “out of the box” experience with photos that become  conversational works of art. You value real moments and authentic experiences.  YOU LOVE ADVENTURE – Adventure and Wedding just seem to go hand in hand.

The idea of a ceremony on a mountain top, under water, in front of a glacier, by a waterfall, in some far off land or walking down the aisle to the rev of 30 motorcycle engines thrills you. You don’t just want a wedding, you want an experience. A memory forever. You love life!  The carbon copy wedding you have been to 100 times before will never do. After all, this is the most important day of your life and you share a love like no other. You are marrying the one you live for, laugh with, dream with, seek adventure with and can’t imagine life without. With Adventure Weddings your black and white wedding becomes colour.


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 Adventure Wedding Ideas

   try to top these….

  • Private island
  • Yacht wedding
  • Wedding on a glacier
  • Under water wedding
  • I Do’s in the sky – free fall
  • Mountain top wedding
  • Wedding in a deep cave
  • Castle wedding
  • Mystery train adventure
  • Suspended tree house wedding
  • Medieval festival
  • Haunted mansion
  • Giddy-up cowboy ranch wedding
  • The big surprise