Your chance to dream BIG!

A Custom POP-UP Wedding by Destination Weddings Victoria is the perfect POP-UP Wedding for those who love the idea of a POP-UP Wedding, but want some input in the planning, location, theme, date and don’t want to share their wedding day with any other couples.  This is a modern twist on a traditional wedding. Perfect for the couple on virtually any size budget.

A Custom POP-UP Wedding is a simplified wedding which includes a few of your favourite traditional elements and as much fun as we can squeeze into 4 hours. Have you always wanted to be married in a unique public location or in your favourite ice cream store? Your wedding will be tailored just for you. No copy-cats or duplicates here. We can do almost anything in almost any place. Now is the time to let your imagination loose and go for it or turn it over to our creatives.


Custom pricing

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You Provide

  • wedding attire
  • marriage licence
  • guests

We Provide

  • everything else